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Puebla Dress

Our Puebla dress is Dressaraz’ signature dress and our customers’ favorite without a doubt.

This dress is originally from the Mexican State of Puebla. It is hand embroidered with floral elements in different colors. Even though the dress might look similar to others of its kind, the embroidery isn’t always the same. What you get is a unique design that came from the imagination of the artisan who created it. They sometimes embroider baskets with flowers, and other times birds.

The embroidery process takes approximately 20 to 30 days. Due to its popularity, the elaboration of this dress has expanded and it’s been plagiarized. At Dressaraz, you can rest assured you are acquiring a quality product, made by the artisans who make the original dresses.

When you buy made in Mexico, you’re helping to spread the beauty of Mexican textiles, and to improve the quality of life of the artisans who make these clothes.

Our hope is that this dress makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Care: This dress is made of poplin, a fabric mix of wool, cotton, and rayon. Since it is a strong fabric, you can put it in the washing machine (30°), and in the tumble dryer. Of course, hand washing helps preserve the embroidery for a longer period of time.

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