About us

Mexican clothing by Dressaraz

Handmade Mexican clothing made ethically and with love.

We are an online clothing shop that supports the work of Mexican artisans. We are based in Groningen (the Netherlands) but come from Mexico originally. For us, working sustainably/ethically has a lot to do with simply caring about each other. It also has to do with solving problems together and finding solutions that work for everybody.

Something important to know is that we don’t mass produce. We honor the process of making a unique Mexican clothing piece and work in batches of 50 to 100 pieces maximum. The creation of these many pieces could take approximately two to four months. Each of our pieces has been handcrafted and has a unique design. The artisans who make our clothes put lots of hours, love, and dedication to create the most beautiful pieces for you. If you would like to know more about the creative minds and hands behind the production of our clothes, then read the blog post “Who Makes The Clothes at Dressaraz?” or “The Beauty of The Embroideries from Jalapa de Díaz.”

What moves us?

We are passionate about our roots and culture and believe we can help others live a better lifestyle. By purchasing handmade products, together we are helping to improve the quality of life of the artisans who craft these clothes.

Our mission:

  • To help create more job opportunities for people in underserved communities in Mexico.

Our vision:

  • To spread the beauty of Mexican textiles and embroideries in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Our Values:

  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Fairness
  • Self-Improvement
  • Having Fun

When you purchase something from us you are supporting:


Making choices based on looks and feels is a good thing. But you can now too make conscious decisions when shopping for clothes. You can choose clothes that have been made slowly, taking care of the environment, and that have an impact on other people’s lives.

Let’s celebrate the creative power of our clothes. Thanks for shopping handmade!


Jessica Araus, founder of Dressaraz

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